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We provide comprehensive legal services relating to the protection of copyrighted works and the enforcement of rights to such works.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of license agreements
  • Preparation of contracts for the creation of copyrighted commissioned works (such as the creation of computer software, creating commissioned artwork (for example, for the purpose of creating a company logo or an industrial design))
  • Publishing contracts
  • Legal assistance in copyright litigation, including proposals for alternative dispute resolution in the form of settlement agreements
  • Representation of clients in negotiations with collective administrators of copyright works
  • Ensuring deposit of the author's work with an authorized collective administrator of copyright works
  • Representation before the customs authorities and the Czech Business Inspectorate
  • Ensuring formal registration of copyright works abroad (where allowed by national legislation)
  • Audits and valuation of intellectual property, particularly as part of consulting and due diligence in the sale of a company
  • Training courses