Industrial Designs

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We provide:

  • Specialised searches in industrial design registers
  • Assessment of the eligibility for registration of an industrial design, consulting concerning individual character and novelty, working with authors to create an industrial design
  • The development of the optimal procedural strategy for registration (selecting a suitable procedure for registration is especially necessary in the case of the registration of industrial designs abroad) representation throughout the proceedings
  • Complete preparation and filing of an application for the registration of an industrial design, industrial design classification according to the International Classification for Industrial Designs (the Locarno Classification), representation of the client during the entire registration procedure
  • Provision or intermediation of the registration of industrial designs abroad (worldwide)
  • Representation in disputes with the owners or users of similar industrial designs (or other rights)
  • Development of coexistence, transfer, licensing and pledge agreements
  • Comprehensive industrial design portfolio administration (providing evidence of changes in the trademark register, renewal of registrations, transfers of trademarks, etc.)
  • Enforcement of rights arising from industrial designs (cooperation with customs authorities, CBI), representation in judicial proceedings
  • Expert assessments