Patents / Utility Models (inventions, technical solutions)

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  • Specialised searches in registers of patent s / utility models and in other specialised sources (including foreign information sources)
  • Consultation in selecting the appropriate form of protection for a technical solution
  • The development of the optimal procedural strategy for the registration of patents / utility models (selection of a suitable procedure for registration is especially necessary in the case of registration abroad), representation throughout the proceedings.
  • Complete preparation and filing of an application for the registration of an invention (with a patent application) and a utility model, representation of the client in the course of the registration procedures
  • Provision or intermediation of the registration of inventions (patents) abroad (worldwide)
  • Executing changes of records in registers of patents and utility models (changes in the name and address of the owner, transfers of patents and utility models, registration of licenses, liens)
  • Representation in disputes, enforcement of rights arising from patents and utility models
  • Application for revocation of patents, proposals for the deletion of utility models and designs, to determine whether or not a specific solution falls within the scope of the patent
  • Expert assessments
  • Drafting of transfer, license, and pledge agreements, confidentiality agreements, and cooperation agreements....